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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  October 8, 2023 12:00am-1:01am AST

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to the people behind the news and to the journalists reporting their stories except intimacy that makes every international story local at heart. i'm only give you that host of the take a daily news podcast powered by the local reporting of elders here. find us where ever you get your pod cast. the the. the is rosa ethel's pounds. gowns of death tells rise on both sides as prime minister benjamin netanyahu tells his country direct more. the hello on. tell mccrae this isn't use our line from coming off in the next 60 minutes. israel's army says the cassandra gates have taken many is ready soldiers and civilians,
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captive palestinian seas is ready on the equipment. celebrating a mazda surprised military operation across the board. the united states stands with israel president, show a bottom condemn some us for targeting israel, saying the united states will never fail to have is ryan was back the hello until mccray, it's 21 g m t in welcome to l. special. continue in coverage of the guns. that is why war is ready. prime minister benjamin netanyahu has found a vengeance and says he'll defeat him all soft to the groups. unprecedented military operation on israel. nearly 500 people have died on both sides. israel says at least $250.00 of its citizens have died. and palestinians reporting $255.00
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deaths multiple is riley strikes, have hit the guns, the strip targeting both the army says with a mazda affiliated locations. earlier in the day the um, the group from us launched an unprecedented lands and in military operation against israel. fines is bridge, the guy is a barrier and entrance 3 is rarely cities and towns near the board of israel has issued a 48 hours civil emergency order that applies right throughout the country. mohammed fall begins al coverage the unprecedented fellow send you an attack when you start your assembly gates the movements submitted to the week and gaza launching a gun and also to fight this preaching the board. a space between setting up some using product light is how much is the offensive is in response to the secretion of a lock. some of the crimes of these that i, the occupation model doesn't equally the, because all the time is come to draw the line for the enemy to understand that time
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is up and they can't keep going without consequences. we are announcing an operation called alex of floods in the 1st part of it. 5000 rockets have been fired . it is the time to unite fully arab and islamic powers to the throat of these riley occupation. members of the slimy jihad, i'm group, you guys are all set up the call to arms scenes. image the fellow scene in a fight is attack can easily lead me to tell you check points. got looting, seizing and burdening vehicles and taking easily the soldiers and civilians but isn't the. 7 it is border crossing between government easily and has also been beached and members of the assembly gates forthwith easily. they forces at the police station in the city of dental, maybe consortia, say hundreds of people have been injured and taken to hospital, begun at dawn when from us is finally as many as 5000 short and longer and drop
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goods from cost like utilities, highly touchy fees, lady government was quick to respond, declaring a state of all that and warning come us that it had me to get a mistake. it time of the targets in garza and to prove the co op of military reservists. hey, so i, and i know who we are, or not an operation how mazda is launched in mergers, surprise attack, against the state of israel and its citizens. i ordered the 1st the full to claim the settlements from the terrorist who had infiltrated and ordered a large scale mobilization of reserve score. the enemy will pay prize. he has never known her. but for now that i've sees of dorian celebration in some occupied territories, palestinians the model on hebron if you will keep fight westbank out on the streets in support of the fighters. gaza has witnessed many violent confrontations with
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these items, but all signs indicate this one might be the west, yet. how much fun does you alia, and is riley, is try kid. the position right behind our put a human outside and garza and she was only with my colleagues so it was on the a. here's that moment. all right. you know, please take cover. if you are in a position to do so safely, you can explain to us what were happening if you're not in a position to do so safe canada and please get to safety. me. no, it's okay. um this is a mess. so attack on palestine tower right in the middle of gorgeous city. you take a moment to breathe, takes a moment, you and your team take a moment to breathe. ok. just take a moment as we are looking at this picture. we are hours into this war between gaza
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and israel, and we have just witness live, what it is really el rey looks like on a populated area of gaza city, an air raid on a building just behind or corresponding human side as she was reporting the actually on to that warning show to israel struck the same building again, slicing, flattening the high rise known as the palestine tower. just meet us away from al piero. he is rarely met latrice, is it struck infrastructure belonging to senior mazda operatives? outtake mendoza has confirmed that media offices and lawyers were located in that building. but we have a team of correspondents covering this unprecedented story right around the region . now site is in gallons of for the monks in west jerusalem. and for us reaction,
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ellen fisher is in washington d. c. you know, this goes to you 1st and does a, can you just bring us up to date to, with what has been happening there over the last hour or so? obviously it's been an extremely dramatic day, but it broke it still being 5, didn't the guys have the pain any more strikes? well yes tom, the reimbursements has not top. they have continuously continued to pound different areas in the gaza strip. let me bring you the latest bombardments in this past. our we have uh, is really aircraft just a very short while ago bought me a house in and as well as the count that's in the centro, gaza strip. and another home in the town of the sun, which is in 10 units in the solving gaza strip. prior to that targeting of those 2 homes, the civil affairs headquarters of the ministry of interior affairs in for how much
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was totally destroyed in bed, new and also a number of charitable organizations in the area where totally destroyed prior to that bombardment also to mosques. one in beta out here in the northern part of gauze and another mosque in hon. eunice in the southern part of gauze where also targeted by mess tiles from is really were planes. last but not least, is really naval navy has bombarded target west of the guys and, and agriculture not, and in the north and as they to out here. so this was the latest uh the, this was the nativist update about the targeting that took place in this past our,
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the targeting has got stopped up in boardman has not stopped. we hear uh the uh, the, the pounding of the is really word jets every couple of minutes in a different area of the gaza strip. okay, thank you so much that as a unit outside for us in gaza. it's a mouse is it has continued firing up arrows are broken. so tell of eva's fighting bridges on between the group and as rarely forces 150 rockets for 5 at the city, some 70 kilometers away from cancer. some rockets managed to hit billings in the city in the early hours of saturday, as well as our ins have been sounding in the city rights throughout the day. so it's rarely prime minister benjamin netanyahu has found to defeat him off. he says they will be mighty vengeance for the groups actions that could buy him a coma. we will mobilize all our resources and capabilities to respond to how much we will take revenge for all the young people who lost their lives. we will target
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all of how much those positions and we will turn gaza into a deserted island according to the citizens of gauze. i say you must leave now, so we will target each and every corner of the strip can. let's go live to a correspondent filaments and with jerusalem. and then yeah, i also see that as well as preparing for a long haul. what did he give any indication on the details of how that might play out? not really to be completely on his tom. we've had the from the is ready ministry spokes person over the course of today that quote, coal options are on the table. they've been pulling up thousands of reservists looking to cool even more they said, and that they have been mobilizing the forces. of course, we've had 3500 rockets fired from the strip according to is ready authorities. 250 is right is not confronted. on top of that, more than 1500 confirmed wounded. mister netanyahu in
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a very stony faced address to his raise saying they would quote when the war, this war. but acknowledging that had been a very, very heavy price, already paid by the country us in the system. if we can just go back to the licensed broker to tack on television 150 rockets funded the city from within gaza . do we have any more details about the type of damage that they caused that being 3 injuries in tennessee? that was the cost in today i was in the app for a few hours ago. when that far ours came in and the sirens were being sounded across the city, apple. stuff of passengers diving to the ground, eckstein bosses taking carpet and shelters. a huge amount of activity and then following off to that us just that of passengers being shifted out of the port. huge amounts of people trying to get into transport on wood,
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from the roads outside of the apple and across the city, coming into jerusalem. very, very quiet as you might imagine, and much just being made throughout the last several hours about an apparent size. you have a on behalf of israel's military and intelligence agencies to not pick up this attack at all. has there been any or much talk of that uh, in telephone and twist jerusalem, where you, i hope mister nothing else and all that has been his address today had been an unprecedented day. if israel, he vowed it would never happen again, but that was pretty much as far as he went in his address in terms of acknowledging that instead of didn't say any of the apparent lack of preparedness by military forces in and around guys or in particular we sold as absolutely unprecedented scenes of communities close to the gaza strip. being incredible, and by passing and minutes ends and over the course of the last couple of years,
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he's ready ministry saying publicly they have not taken control of many of those communities bank, but they're all still pockets where they, they have concerns, at least the policy on men's may still be off rates and shoots the embarrassing for members of the is ready ministry leadership and of course members of mr. nothing know his government responsible for security maces'. okay, thank you so much for all of that. that is for the box for us in wisc jerusalem. the us president says his country's support, the israel is rock solid and unwavering. joe biden says he'll be staying in close contact with is ready prime minister benjamin netanyahu. israel has the right to defend itself and his people full stop. there's never justification for terrorist attacks. and my administration to support for is your security is rock solid and on way. let me say this is clearly as i can. this is not a moment for any party hostile the israel to exploit these attacks,
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to seek advantage. the world is watching. let's go live now to ellen fisher, who is in washington, d. c. for us, and perhaps not surprisingly, abide in making a crystal clear where he stands on the us relationship with as well. to spend the day at the white house has been surrounded by his national security team is unusual . he would be there on a holiday weekend, but it has been fully updated. he spent time talking to benjamin netanyahu. his secretary of state's his board, administered essentially on to be blinking. has spoken to these really president on his counterpart as well. and lloyd austin, who is the defense secretary here, has said that they give it is available, get any support that needs in the coming days from the us. all right, so it's clear that they're speaking with one voice from the administration. that had been some tensions between the us and the benjamin netanyahu, whose government, over the last few months, not least, the fact that he still has to receive an invite to come and visit joe biden at the
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white house. but it seems that what we're getting now is the normal diplomatic language you would expect from the white house that they're 100 percent behind israel. and that they have the right to defend themselves in the face of aggression from us. a group that was designated by the united states as a terrorist organization, back in 1997. now as we've heard, there's been plenty of tools from the as riley's netanyahu, in particular, of completely destroying a mos watching them off the face of the will bind and try in tampa, israel's future military operations here. and even if he wants to really be able to a he's a veteran with a leverage with benjamin netanyahu. as i say, there's been tensions between the 2. and the last time there was a series escalation by in does about 2 years ago, the by the administration came under pressure from its own site to do more publicly . but we know that the white house weren't quietly through various channels,
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including the egyptians and the guitar. is to bring about a safe spot. it seems that this situation is much bigger and it would be unlikely that they'd be able to operate those channels. sadly, there are those in the, by the administration who hope that the response here from israel isn't as expansive as many people are feeling. but it's clear that benjamin netanyahu and what you said over the last few days, i saw it in the last few hours, is going to make this a significant part of the, of his response to what has been a huge embarrassment. but israel. okay, thank you. so much that is ellen fisher for us in washington dc. la i'll be nima is the co founder of electronic intifada, an independent online news publication focusing on pell a son. he joins me live from chicago. and uh, if we can pay again with joy biden's comments in the, in the last hour or so in the last few hours or so. are you surprised at all by anything that he had to say is not at all. israel is
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a occupation dispossession ethnic cleansing, and persecution of the palestinian people as for decades, being enabled by the united states and in the context of uh, the uh, almost explicitly genocidal threats from benjamin netanyahu. and yeah, i've got launches defense minister uh we should take jo, biden's statements is a green light to israel to perpetrate more of the kind of mess. it goes that it has been carrying out against the palestinian people. now from all, most ac is with total. impunity and uh uh, taking from that to you. uh, assuming that those mastic is a just going to continue and become even worse. we were talking to him and his riley, military, and list to said that uh, tens of thousands of troops will be building up along the gallons. this trip they're ready to invite. is that your fear to it's
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possible, we don't really know what we can say for certain is that also has been causing mass destruction of dest. it will not change the situation that israel is a colonial occupying power, and the palestinian people are struggling justly for the liberation. and the anti colonial liberation was a, as a, something the well, the seeing whether in vietnam, whether in a, throughout africa, south africa, in particular, in recent decades. and an indigenous people that is fighting for its existence will fight back with great motivation. and that's what we saw in terms of the ability today of, of the resistance in gaza, to surprise israel strategically and tactically and to actually
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liberate some hold a palestinian territory beyond the borders of gaza. despite the fact that they have far fewer resources than israel. i don't have the backing of any superpowers. that's kind of a sign of the motivation of palestinians to liberate themselves once and for all, for decades of living under the boot of this really brutal colonial regime. regime who's brutality as being highlighted in the, the response from a, it's really does it, do you think that how much needs some of its allies in the region to stay pop here? and it definitely gets involved militarily, are clearly how much has our lives in the region. and i suspect that some of the incredible tactics we've seen in terms of using drones to destroy israel is born to the amount of cover times to destroy a uh, uh,
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automated machine gun nests. and to use the alta, surprising tactical methods. we've seen what developed in conjunction with those allies. obviously i'm not privy to the discussions they have. so i don't know what, what they may have in store. but what i can say is that the palestinian people in the just liberation struggle have every right to receive assistance from wherever they can get it. that's a right that's an occupied people, exercising. it's a legitimate right to resist has this has been cooled by many people, a complete military and intelligence find you on the part of israel to know have any idea that this military operation was, was got, was coming. is it how you see it as well? really it was a colossal failure. i think it's uh, i think so i'm pulling israel,
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believing its own regroup, propaganda about its own military, technological and indeed the racial superiority over the palestinian people. they underestimated the ability of this indigenous people besieged in gaza to devise tactics that would confound their oppressors and prosecutors. so it is a massive failure on the pa, i've seen, people say. and i believe this on a par with the october 1973 failure when egypt managed to bridge the so called impregnable ball left line along the suez canal. but in this case, it really is historic because for the 1st time uh, the baffle was taken into a territory. but israel considers its own and on to is rarely territory in a, a quite dramatic and stunning way. 7 of course,
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there's no doubt that israel will do what to always does, which is seek revenge against the vulnerable against civilians. remember that hoss the population of gaza, children more than 2 thirds of refugees. and already we have is really ministers saying that they're going to cut off the electricity to gauze, which is a war crime. and we have the threats from netanyahu and guidelines that are, as i said, uh, nearly explicit, if not outright explicit threats of genocide and crimes the far the crimes that they commit against the palestinian people will not just be on the hands of those is really leaders but also on the hands of jo, 5 to the here appear in union. and it's member states who um, fun support, this a genocidal apartheid. same one doesn't believe the palestinian people exist or have a right to exist, but has the this declared itself
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a state for jews only we're only choose will have sovereignty and self determination. that's the logic of genocide, the logic of apartheid. and this is where this is where it leads and for too long the world has set by and allowed israel to behave and the savage and file battery way across the palestinian people. this is the inevitable result. okay. just finally we do, we go from here, is this going to continue to escalate to? is there any room at all for the escalation? i've said many times before and i'll just see it on and elsewhere. but yes, it's going to escalate into an effort increasing. horace show what we're seeing now is exactly what many of us have predicted. and it's the inevitable result of grunting impunity to or shame that has absolutely no respect for international law, for basic humanity and for the rights of the palestinian people who this has to be
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said. this is also not mentioned, but the policy and people of the majority population in historic palestine and watch as israel, the gaza strip on the west bank. and this majority population has to have, it's right, has to have its liberation all that will be continued escalating horrifying blood shifts, let's say clearly israel and it's enabled as a solely responsible solely. i'm fully responsible for what we see happening and they can end it. but they have chosen this pause and they are repeating exactly what they have. so. okay, thank you so much. as always, we appreciate your time and your insights here on l to 0, that is l a. up with name a, a co founder of electronic intifada. thank you so much. thank you. or let's get more now from rob reynolds. he's in the ash cologne in southern israel for us
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with more on the situation there. here and ask alone about 25 kilometers from the gaza strip. we have seen the hum us response to the destruction of a building in the center of gaza city by the is really air force. dozens of missiles were visible, flying through the night sky here. and the all costs and brigades in gaza issued a statement saying that in retaliation for the destruction of the palestine power in the center of gaza city, they have launched a new wave of $150.00 rockets towards tel aviv. meanwhile, here in this part of israel, there is still fighting underway in the towns and villages adjacent to the gaza strip that are occupied now by moss and other fighters from the gaza strip. they are holding several towns and villages from which they have taken
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a number of prisoners and uh and civilian hostages, and taking them back into gaza, where they are said that they are being held in various tunnels underneath the city. that according to the islamic brigades in gaza, we seen pictures showing damage and ask a lot of we don't know the exact number of people who may have been killed or injured in the city, but it certainly took a big hit here. another side of the mass of surprise attack that clod israel without warning. rob riddles, l g 0 in ash, cologne, israel. what was a little says it will coal in emergency mazing of the united nations security council on the wall between him off and his row of different medicaid is a james based reports from london. a diplomatic assets are going to now center on the un security council. brazil is the current president of the security council.
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they put out his statement due to the seriousness of the matter. the presidency were called an emergency meeting of the council. now i understand this meeting was called for 1st by multiple of one of the european members of the security council. and then by the u. a which is the cons, arrow of member of the security council. we think the meeting will most certainly be behind closed doors was not clear. is the full mass of the meeting exactly who breaks the meeting? i think it's most likely to be told when is learned, who is the un special coordinate to based in jerusalem. but it's also not clear whether the is really on bass of the, on the palestinian and bass that will be invited to the meeting. whether it will just be the 15 members of the security council. we've had strong condemnation from the us. it's cooling this terrorist attack, the same coming from the u. k. i'm from from but i think some of the position of some of the other members will be very interesting position. for example,
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hopefully you a will be interesting because it's one of the countries that has had a normalization deal with his route. but the other one i think you should watch closely is what russia does in this meeting. and what russia says, because i've certainly detected in recent months, and particularly since the start of the crime war that russia is being much more critical of israel and also of the us is position with regard to these res, i'm the palestinians. james pays out the 0. lovely. so just to respond to the rank to all the l. a ship, a hospital in gaza. he's described a dime medical situation in the besieged strip down a bit. the kids stuff, there's no doubt the strip has been under tight siege for 17 years. the medical sector has been paying the heaviest price for the siege. we have sharp shortage of medical supplies and appliances, namely those badly needed and the emergency rooms and intensive care unit. many of those we're receiving are in critical condition and need. i see you treatments and
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how we have declared a state of emergency across medical facilities. the numbers are huge, which cannot be handled by the already suffering sector. patients with chronic diseases are dying due to the absence of the medicine. we cannot even see them treated in the west bank or elsewhere as he is rarely occupation. forces are not only denying their departure, but also preventing medical supplies from entering gaza. so we are doing all we can with what we have the in the occupied west bank. there has been celebrations by some palestinians to the military operation by moss. even is in ramallah with more on some of the palestinians i've been speaking to today about the current and surprising escalation that took place or the on software they. they say that they're proud. they called this they as historic. they say this for one's kind of thing is are able to launch slots, a big attack, the surprise israel. some of them were telling me that is way these are living their normal lives wide. the other parts of the geography the occupied territories
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has been suffering. people that have been deprived from the basic rights when we talk about movement. when we talk about resources, when we talk about very simple day today, issues not to mention the big ones like the minute to recheck. points like the killings like the grabbing up the lines of the home to munitions and what have you . so palestinians feel that for once they're able to show strength and 4th, 4th. and the whole the that show of force kind of would change some how the rules of the game would show israel and the palestinians have twice back again, these really continued actions. and we've also seen paula city is so take to the streets on saturday at protesting against these really forces. we've seen some of them get injured and killed by uh, these radio army. we are expecting a police tool funerals to take place on sunday. it has already been declared as
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a general strike with policy needs are going to be morning, the da says, and also paying a close attention to how israel is going to be responding to that. but again, i just need to come on are still a head on al jazeera will bring you more coverage of the gallon. so is ramble the color we got split for change of the weather across here. but the moment some variable of sunshine was the clear skies across it's of the most positive side and all it takes the voltage in fact, to go to taste of winter i bit to was the 8th. the taste of summit was the west. we got, we got rid of high pressure around the high we putting is southerly weight and so
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those temperatures getting up into the mid twenties there across the northwest, paris, london went into the 20 side with the next couple of days. lots of lovely, warm sunshine, but look further, a small sky struggling to get to 3 degrees. it'll warm up a little for most guys who are going through the next couple of days. we'll start warming up. i would to us west power sit around the $27.00 celsius will stay with me to the already part of next week. now there's a lot of crowd of writing that is the boundary between that cooler ad that when she weather and the woman at down towards the southern most positive. this was a mixed in between there, lot of west, whether it's just coming back out to scott's in west thing, particularly where so whether making his way across the no way. and also he to move in positive suite in the next day or so. i found myself asked by the lovely weather with 30 celsius and midway warm is still the full ret lisben as we go through the next couple of days. warm sunshine continuing to across the mountains of north africa. still a few showers the into ages, but the weather is weather right across the west. of the
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assessing the discussions. examining the headlines, exploring abundance of world cloth, programming design to inform, motivates, and insight. on l g 0 critical, the bank, instead of trying to externalize the management of this problem, teaching is here to the, to other countries. the europe in member state should be trying to take control of this issue themselves. inside story on al jazeera, the, the, [000:00:00;00] the
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welcome back, you're watching old, is there a special, a coverage on the goza, israel or israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu has found vengeance and says he'll defeat 10 miles off to the groups. unprecedented military operation on israel did the 5 hundreds of people have died on both sides while the slightest military offensive by him us follows months of escalation, slower context, and look back at some of the flash points that have laid off to sensitize operation by him. us in december 2022, the most fall right. the government in israel's history came to power. notable inclusions of decimal security minutes to bed there previously convicted of supporting a terrorist organization and find that's been a step as allowed to smoke dredge a settler. well don't racist comments and extreme policies. they quickly approve times to build thousands of homes for its way to set moves in the occupied westbank
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construction. that's illegal on the international law. the new policy led to an increase in his rady rates and the tax by boat is ready to set because i'm posting in folly to these the scenes from hora in february. hundreds of his rates from a nearby settlement. went on a rampage to the town of 8000 palestinians. of the 2 settlers were gunned down smoked ridge quote, the whole laura, to be res of the who are was targeted again on friday is right. is set, let's show to residents in the halt. after pulsing and gun then opened the fire at loose rate, the vehicle policy the um resistance has increased since march last year of the israel's and cutting out a lot to both and renewed rates will be occupied, westbank and gone. so israel has repeatedly said it roots out, these fights is either already july,
12:36 am
it launched to day assault and you need refugee camp the occupied westbank booth is $3000.00 policy and slides. the asteroid bulldoze is a little bit of time for drugs. this was the result to these deputy governors said 80 percent of the homes of the camp were destroyed, damaged, or burned attacks. the rates take place and occupied territories. nearly every day in april is ready for us is attacked most of worshippers and all oxen, most during ramadan, pres an action, the un condemned as excessive did recent days. thousands of ultra nationalist jews would be entering the most compound schools advisory, the police, a booth condemned by the to daniel walks, the custodians of the both of us officials of long said they were supposed to israel at
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a time and place of their choosing. but some of these attacks seem to take money by surprise nor hon. i'll just there are a den available is a foam, is rarely diplomat and the school in residence at the center for is rarely studies at american university. he joins me line from washington, d. c. thank you very much for being on al jazeera festival. earlier in this program, we covered also jo buttons, remarks, clinics, extensively. not some what's, not surprisingly, he was pretty clear, crystal clear and backing israel and in any future actions that they might take. do you think the job button has given as well, the green light for a full scale attack on garza? i think joe biden certainly reassured, is ro, phone us support on whatever as well decides to do, and whether it is real decides to conduct a wider operation to guys or a limit of operation. i think it has the us backing, at least for the coming weeks. certainly. uh uh,
12:38 am
what was clear and vitamins comments was that he's not tying his rose hans once it decides to whatever it decides to do in the gaza strip. push off the offensive as you know, target commerce leadership and try and achieve strategic games, you know, uh, visa, visa, mazda, and also at the same time, try and seek the release of as really hostages and prisoners of war. and what about this a little while ago? a post indian enlisted the binding in the us have blood on their hands and, and will be directly responsible. not only for the current situation, but if any more civilians, uh kills. what do you make of this? you know, i have to say that uh, i disagree. uh, you know, uh, this was an uncalled sort of attack this morning. horrendous attack by from us going into populations centers attacking innocent civilians inside israel,
12:39 am
taking women children, man hostages, taking them out inside the gossip territory, shooting indiscriminate thing, and just regular neighborhoods. this is not targeting military personnel was just talking you citizen. so you know. busy i do not the do not accept that that statement by your previous speaker alluding to the fact that there is but on the us and certainly not blood and us just supporting israel's right for. so the sense that we've seen a number of the strikes already from israel on gaza, do you think that they will continue? and there's also been plenty of talk about a potential ground operation. do you see that as a distinct possibility in the coming days a weeks? i absolutely think that as you've described, i think that there will be continued at our strikes. and i do believe that as road will in the coming days launched
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a ground operation. the scope magnitude of that operation is on. so you're at the moment, but i do think that it is really leadership is uh, and the idea of are preparing for such a scenario in the coming days. don't really. a mazda is taking a number of captives and screwed them back into guys, or how concerned will as well be about that and, and what sort of leverage does that give him us? i know this is a, this, i think, is the crux of the matter. the crux of the issue, i think it's a, israel's top concern, seeking the religious release of these hostages, especially the civilians, but also the military personnel. so i don't think that right now is really, is focusing on on it is currently trying to preserve all and you know, uh, you know, a deal with the current state in which still is really is, are being held hostage in some areas of israel. but i think that 1st of all,
12:41 am
focus on the fighting. these will be some, something that you know, after the fighting is over, i think is what we're sick, the release of its hostages. and you know, in the past there have been deals that allow the release of prisoners and especially when it comes to innocent civilians. so i do believe this will be, is really emphasis in the coming weeks like i will have to leave with david. thank you. so much for your time, that is 10 of the form is really diplomat, and the school in residence at this 10 to 4 is rarely studies. thanks so much. thank you. have a good evening. thank you. a mazda sizes involved in the surprise operation, record of the attack with cameras, and within minutes of firing, the 1st rock is videos of the offensive stuff it's circulating, some our official media eclipse from the him, us media. i'm showing the extent of the infiltration into is riley territory, how the, how sion has more a this is how come us once to portray itself that ation against these read
12:42 am
the movements means you're all documented. the moments fights as breach the guns up with defense, members of the cosigned brigades, place explosive, along the section of defense surrounding don't play, then they do to need the devices. lots of smoke, evidence of the sexes to fight this cross into is really territory some by fruit. all those by multiply, pardon vehicles must also release this clip of the man entering is really using get bottom also. once inside is really territory, the fight does destroy almost vehicles. and in this clip, forces ready soldiers also for the tank adult. because some briggs was accompanied by minutes. few reporters who provided live updates on social media platforms. the oldest soldiers in these tanks were taken captives by all cassandra gates fighters as we sold with the jump is ready, so just taken prisoner has been distributed online. this video,
12:43 am
several captives can be seen. some of the scenes here publication is not clear exactly how i'm asked me to. um has also published footage. it says shows cause some brackets. drones talking is really minutes. we check points and then separate . i sold is really troops, seemingly relaxed, is very sore, just felt in the find themselves in the middle of the war they didn't expect from us regularly, publishes videos of its attacks. but this time, it seems keen to show the scale bill formation frame by frame or the hash and i just got off the job milk. he is the director of the institute of media research and training at the liberties american university. he discusses the information we're planning out with the release of videos from these attacks by him us as the troops that are going in that are conducting operations, they have cameras. the cameras are as important as the machine guns, as the weapons that they are carrying. they everything is seems to have been
12:44 am
prepared in advance. so the media operator, they need to professionals have been at the table with the military officials climbing this. so this is a major shift in how these type of how the the media operation has been conducted. that's, that's set this 3 digit level, but also at the narrative level, there's that there's a major shift. uh, the narrative in the past has been highlighting the, the victimized palestinians, the tests of the destruction. but at this time upfront, the narrative has been on the offensive showing initiative showing control even showing a lot of calm and professional conduct. you can see a lot of the speaker speaking calmly and even those ones who are on the ground attacking they are moving slowly and confidently. this is just generates a tone of legitimacy and leadership uh far as a boston and resistance. and at the same time,
12:45 am
the spokes people have been very consistent in the sound, but they've been using a lot of good sound bites to justify the attack and mentioning multiple times, the tax on locks up multiple times, the prisoners multiple times. the role of the as rarely occupiers and settlers in attacking palestinians and occupying their lands. so this has been consistent sound bites the going over and over as the deputy head of him us as political bureaus is fighting will only expand from here. he says, i've taken enough as rarely captives to free old pellets to me in prison is, and israel's giles, on the family. this is not a hit under on operation. we started an all out battle. we expect type thing to continue and the fight. think from the expand, we have one prime target, our freedom and the freedom of our holy sites. our people have the right to live and freedom,
12:46 am
rid themselves of days of radio corporation and to safeguard their holy sites. we will continue to fight until we are rewarded with victory, freedom and independence. this is a method for freedom and defense of our holy sites, the provocative storming by the jews and to the alexa mazda. that's a great thing, the whole of sites with their feet and jewish rituals apart from the illegal supplement and i'm just seats the gaza and the palestinian prison. i saw this is our main target. we have been preparing for this war. we cannot accept all this to continue the siege, the guns i must and we will do all what we can at any price. 30 start our freedom where we manage the kids. and the caption, many is the soldier. so you the fight. thing is still on as to our prisoners, i say your freedom is looming large. what do we have in hand would set you free. the longer fighting continues, the higher the number of prisoners will become more health. is there a senior political analyst smile of the sharps is israel is
12:47 am
a pride ship responding to force with even more force has never worked against the palestinians to the only 2 things that i can think of it is, are also might use some of them. it usually the past is mass expulsion of the kind of seniors and the 2nd the is the theme of some of those. and these are the government or next station or much of us time or the occupied territories. that's also an option. but none of these in the past have been resolved, is there as dilemma as long as i part date and use them exist as being the kind of city and will continue to desist. see, what is there it is missing is a very simple lesson. it's blaring, it's clear, it's very simple. if you look at the past 50 years since that very war that we talked about earlier, which is october, 1 of 1973 is right. understands only the language of force or even logical force, only after egypt launch disorder of 1973. a very painful war for what the addiction
12:48 am
is. there it is. this is read, then withdrawal from egyptian 30 authorities. only after the surprising lebanese resistance in the 1980s after these really invasion of living on this, this is red withdrawal for much of liberal only after the palestinians mounted an incredible resistance after the 15000. and the 2nd father did is read, read the pretty boy, out of the guy's asleep, an old, it's the legal settlers. so clearly the lessons for the palestinians is, is and will not act except under duress, under the logical force. the cabinets turn our attention to some of the days of the news of getting a stones designs to manage mental thursday says at least 1000 people have been killed and hundreds more injured during 2 magnitude,
12:49 am
6.3 earth quakes and west and afghanistan. the country's national disaster or far as he says, full villages and this ends agend districts in harass provence, full of the problems of the quakes, and off the strip off the shocks. dozens of houses have been damaged. the world health organization in afghanistan says it has dispatched 12 ambulances to the affected region to evacuate casualties to hospitals take with those prison agencies, says old sick suspects implications in the killing of a presidential candidates earlier this year have been murdered. they were being held in the prison in chaos province. fernando via but since here was basically shot in august while campaigning for presidential elections. the 59 year old anti corruption activist warranty had been receiving to threats president scheme or less so says he will immediately contain the security cabinets in columbia full and the president has said to go on
12:50 am
a criminal trial for the 1st time of our unity that has been accused of bribing witnesses. it's alleged that he tried to discredit suspicions that he has links with right wing paramilitary groups earlier. the superior court of spoke to rejected unanimously, a prosecutor's request to show the client case. eva says he is innocent. undoubtedly i received it with great concern. i have ardently defended my reputation, but i don't know anything about bribing witnesses or misleading. the court who have a son, jerome p. a. t reports from boca to the judges looked at the evidence in the case and decided that there was enough proof that indeed at former president oliver would event ordered his lawyers to bribe wisdom. he says and try to change their testimonies. in a case connecting him with a right wing paramilitary groups, and this is the 3rd time now that the courts, in this case,
12:51 am
a high court. this was the last appeal at dismissed the attempt by the attorney general's office by the prosecution at to get to the charges against the firmer price the day. and that would event archive been the case dismissed. but this is because the attorney general's office is seen as politically close to former president weaver. this has been a very long, a very convoluted device if it and politicize the case here in a columbia that has moved from one courts to the other. has the president has a put in place, a number of strategies to try and, and get the case dismissed about the big as it may if things stand as they are today, after fridays decision, i'll go to the bid will be the 1st president of columbia to face very serious charges in
12:52 am
a trial and you could face up to 12 years in prison. i listened that i'm get the i just the trouble with that or the head of the organization of american states is he has accepted an invitation to mediate between caused some island officials and st. protesters seeking an orderly transfer of pallet to president elect fernado. avalo protest is happy matching against what they describe is middling and election results by senior prosecutors. john home and reports. on the what's been happening, we can guatemala, people take him to the streets, communities, blocking roads. they say they're trying to protect democracy, you'll get ok. i don't want there to be a future for the generations to come in this country. i want people to be able to grow up with the fear in the street that's here for prizes from the government itself. since been not through our revenue and then to corruption, come pay no one. the presidential election is who gets you. tony general's office
12:53 am
is louis for painted rights on the country supreme electronic tribunal i don't see good things for the future when a gang with the appearance of legality raids, the supreme elect from tribunal. that's part of the country's legal framework. it's regrettable. and the judge is owed at the rebels policy, the groceries who cannot zation could submit that seed in english, be suspended. that's raised concerns and then trends, political and business elite, a meddling in the transition of power, not just locally, but also from the united states. the european union and the organization of american states in washington dc where this week read little trouble. washington and met we senior members are divided administration we give all i was suppose to install the direct tv in the face of the attack from the public ministry, which is acting outside the framework of his competence to mock the popular will of
12:54 am
guatemalans. privileges of rank outside are initially and the elections within authorities kicked out 3 other candidates through so seen as capable of upsetting the states as quote in a country that transparency international ranks is one of the most corrupt to me, america's interruptions, the regular one, unless says it means the prospect re would change to protest to say that defending the cooling. so the resignation of the attorney general consuelo poured us on the anti corruption, prosecute to raphael critique, to vote for food of let it tends to cost down over the elect to process and both of whom are also in the us as list of corrupt, an antique democratic cactus and the protests to cite they'll be out in the streets in definitely don't home and i would just say to a bi partisan delegation of us little makers has arrived in china and the latest if it's ease trade in geo political tensions between washington and beijing said by senate majority leader, chuck schumer,
12:55 am
the us officials are amazing senior chinese leaders and shanghai before heading to the chinese capital, where they are hoping to meet president chasing pain, which on his annual golden week has ended with a record number of people traveling during the public holiday government also shows domestics tourism revenue is more than one $104000000000.00. supposing pre pandemic labels, economists is a promising sign against the gloomy economy. jessica washington reports from patients. this is not legal. so what is the james historic anyways? bustling with visitors, crowding the narrow streams to shop and dine hours during the golden week holiday. the holiday atmosphere is good because it's crowded. people can feel the excitement . i'm a mess on these, the crowds. he feels happy. dogs who have really wants to go out and travel and contribute to the countries domestic consumption. although my spending is small,
12:56 am
i just want to do my part according to governments, because those are the close of the day holiday. there were more than 826 trips and semester 2 is that news reached more than 104000000000. don's data also suggests people are reluctant to travel abroad, although mentioned is picking up. the number of international holidays booked is significantly lower than pre pandemic levels. the 1st thing, domestic travel and search and consumers spending during the holiday is a welcome development of china. it struggles with weeks domestic to non along side of the economic challenges even with this week's boost to the travel and retail sector, many people remain cautious. patient wants to see consumption, move out. that's really been a drag on the economy for most of this. yeah. and they want to see people going out and spending now for sure. they all spending and they certainly spending on travel and going to sit and miles and kinds of the restaurants. but the test is all they
12:57 am
can suspend the big ticket items. some analysts say consume, is facing a crisis of confidence, impacting willingness to make major purchases. they're worried about losing their jobs. so pose cove, it. and even though you know, try these, people have still accumulating a lot of savings, then much more cautious about going outs. and spending china is economy is burdened by a series of crises, including sluggish growth record, high used unemployment, declining property sector with major developers, overwhelmed by debt against the sun. the backdrop was increasing. economic was the strong showing from consumers during the golden week office, a glimmer of hope. jessica washington ultra 0 badging as well as all for me. tell him a cry for this news, how that plays through. stay with us. we'll be live to garza without correspondence shortly. we arrived sirens ringing out right across the region. it follows several
12:58 am
more strikes hitting the center of the city. i'll be back in just a moment with more developments on the goals as well, the the know what's happening in our region. we know how to get to that others and all as far as i said, i'm going all the way that you tell the story is what can make a difference. stories of hope and inspiration. schultz documentary from around the world that celebrate colleagues and resilience
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in times of time on the phone and in a run, the head of a mental health hospital experiments with a bose new treatment the therapeutic power of love. the prescription romance, again stood on his patient grace. the matrimonial remedy brought. can wedlock be tobacco wellbeing on his board? the marriage project witnessed on out his era respected janet is this street in central concave shows you how to have a state to be effective. russian for me has to be i can see where 2 of the bullets
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hit their about. my head highs. member of the military wanted him dead. the stealing men are believe women a property on the road, costing out a 0 english proud recipient of the new york festivals. through the cost are of the year award for the $70.00 running the, [000:00:00;00] the israel's air force pounds garza of to her mom's launches an unprecedented military operation inside israel. prime minister benjamin netanyahu states as country is at


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